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I had a career as an Insurance Underwriter working for a big Insurance company making a very good salary.  I had serious health conditions and became so ill that I couldn't do my job and lost it in January of 2009.  These conditions included Fibromyalgia, Colitis, Diverticulitis, uncontrollable high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high liver and kidney enzymes, pre-diabetes, severe depression and many others. I was frustrated with being in constant pain and visiting the hospital regularly, doctors prescribing more and more medicines and wanting to perform a major surgery.  I didn't want my 2 young children remembering me as the mother who was always sick.  So in September of 2009 I decided to do something about it and found Reiki!

I was amazed at how much better I felt only after one treatment.  I continued my treatments for 5 weeks and my constant pain was gone.  I no longer have fibromyalgia, and keep in mind that there is no medical cure for fibromyalgia.  My colitis and diverticulitis issues are gone.  I am no longer pre-diabetic.  All my blood levels are good. I lost over 55 lbs without dieting.  I feel better than I have since I was in my 20's.  My children are amazed at how different I am and how active I am.  It has changed my life drastically for the better.  I continue to perform energy healing on myself and have other energy work performed on a regular basis to maintain overall well-being.  All of this energy work and emotional healing I have accomplished through it has enabled me to shed many fears and lower energies that cause illness and emotional distress.  It has aided me in embodying the energies of Divine Love, truth, Integrity, and faith which propels the acceleration of the healing and ascension process.  These aspects are the gateway through which love, joy and abundance flow in an around our lives.

My intent is to empower others by assisting them in identifying their path to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. I use all of my modalities, as intuitively guided or requested by clients to provide a healing space in which to receive and integrate the highest form of energetic healing and spiritual guidance possible to assist in your healing and ascension process.  I am here to assist you through transitional periods with ease and grace.  Each session is unique and personalized to each recipient according to their needs and highest good 

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could." ~Barbara de Angelis


I AM a Quantum & Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher,  Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Consultant & Facilitator, Ordained Priestess of The Order of Melchizedek who provides multiple forms/modalities of energetic healing including; Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui, Tibetan, Kundalini and Money reiki traditions, Pranic Healing, Shamanism, Quantum Touch, Crystal therapy, Sound therapy, Magnified Healing, Violet Flame, Emotion Code, Axiatonal Alignment, Angelic Light Weaving, Sacred geometry, Tantra, meditation/mindfulness and Chakra/Aura clearing and balancing.  I integrate all my modalities into a healing session if requested and incorporate spiritual life coaching into my sessions.

"Turn your wounds into wisdom"

 Oprah Winfrey

I work with:

I provide healing sessions at my facility and remotely by phone or Skype. For more details see my Distance healing page.

I also give Reiki attunements for Usui and Tibetan Master, provide Kundalini Reiki Master attunements, do Reiki parties, give Corporate presentations on Reiki and wellness, work with organizations for wellness events, vend at holistic events. I facilitate group meditations, classes and workshops on a variety of spiritual and metaphysical subjects. These classes/workshops/meditations have included teachings on the Violet Flame, Energy body, the I AM Presence, the Christ Consciousness, Ascension & Awakening, 5th Dimensional Chakras, Healing, Past Life Vows, Soul Contracts, Twin Flames, Soul mates, law of attraction, law of karma, overcoming limiting beliefs, releasing emotional trauma, Ascended Masters, Angels, sound healing, drum circles and more.


I based my practice on the belief that my clients' needs are of the utmost importance.  I am committed to meeting those needs.  I have been in your shoes and know how you feel and know that I can help you.


I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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Sherri Lehr

Quantum & Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, 

Holistic Consultant & Facilitator, 

Ordained Priestess of The Order of Melchizedek

Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Pranic Healing, 

 Shamanism, Sound therapy, Crystal therapy, Angelic Light Weaving, Axiatonal Alignment, Violet Flame, Magnified Healing, Emotion Code Quantum Touch, Sacred Geometry, Tantra, Meditation/Mindfulness,

 Chakra/Aura clearing & Balancing,  443-794-7941